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About This Site

Welcome to my homepage! --note: this page is heavily in development.

I go by the alias varrix online, although my real name is Logan. I'm a canadian software engineer focused on software and systems architecture. Outside of social coding, I spend most of my time here in Canada bartending. Bit of a contrast but it works.

Anyways- this is my little corner of the internet. I post content I wish to share. You can also find more information about my skills in relation to Computer Science and Game Design here. If you somehow just wound up here and aren't scouting, then take a look at my GitHub page and see what you like. Although I must confess, the majority of my projects are all private either for personal or business reasons.


Minimalistic Applications

Creating light weight, intuitive, robust, command-line and GUI clients.

Software & Systems Architecture

Efficiently and effectively architecting both software and their systems is my primary interest. Currently exploring Docker's Engine/Machine/Swarm/Compose projects in order to design systems in which components/services are unified and minified in complex stacks.

Game Design

Designing an interactive experience is how I began my venture into the world of Computer Science. Currently working with technologies such as Unity3D and WorldMachine.


TBA - Primarily working on a Docker Engine + Machine + Swarm + Compose ecosystem running various applications, caches, and data stores.


Ontario, Canada

Email varrix